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[2019]  [3 & a quarter minutes]


13a Been here.png

[2019]  [10 & a half minutes]

14b Leaving.png

[2019]  [7 minutes]

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16a No Accident.png

[1995]  [22 minutes]

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For most of my life, New York City has been my home. In the 1960s, when I was a teenager, I was inspired by the street photography of Gary Winogrand, Robert Frank, Helen Levitt and Lee Friedlander who captured the unmediated energy of city living in their work. I do not take still photographs, but I have spent years roaming the streets with video and digital film cameras aiming to catch those fleeting moments that define the essence of my hometown.

I've Been Here Before

I'm Leaving Now

I Love New York

No Accident

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Ive Been Here Before
Im Leaving Now
I Love New York
No Accident
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